Facing The Future

There is no way to know at what point in time you are reading this material. Truth is, you may not even be reading this at all. The message might be flowing through your brain via a newly implanted iChip. The following advice should survive any technological advancement or post apocalyptic zombie invasion. Your ability to see and learn are no doubt in tact, despite the flying cars and jet packs.

Haste (2012)

Step One:  Start Yesterday

Seriously, no one is going to train you to be a better storyteller. Nobody cares about you (well, maybe your mommy, but that’s about it). You have to invest the time and energy into yourself, by yourself, for yourself. Hurry up because the person next to you started yesterday.

Step Two: Make something Everyday

Talent is overrated.  Spend time everyday, consciously, shooting pictures, recording sound, etc. Work deliberately on improving a multimedia skill, because practicing your craft is one of the biggest productivity payoffs around. When you master your tools your creativity soars. The rapid growth of productivity hinges on the tools and services you employ, such as time billing software.

Step Three: Treat Yourself Like a Dog

When a dog does a good thing you give it a treat and really get that positive reinforcement going. So after you finish practicing, treat yourself to that Krispy Kreme or go buy that new Moleskine notebook you’ve been eyeing.

Step Four: Roll Your Own

When you’re going through any tutorial–book, online, DVD–never use the example files. Use your own stash. If you’re learning how to edit with the newest video editing software, it’s always motivating and extremely satisfying when your finished product has your clips.

Step Five: Be Your Own Coach

You know that voice in your head, use it to motivate yourself. For example, the discussion in my head goes something like this, “You Suck! No I don’t, I’m Awesome!” Silence the inner critic and harness the ego-maniac to your advantage.

Step Six: Find a Mentor | Being Your Own Coach kinda Sucks

Remember, there’s always someone smarter than you and usually they’re nice enough to teach you a thing or two. Remember, the more you know, the more you can create.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard ‘Koci’ Hernandez is a photojournalist and Assistant Professor of New Media at University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @koci

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