MacUpdate keeps advisers up-to-date on new software

For scholastic journalism advisers like me, it is often overwhelming the number of software programs available out there.

I can’t remember where I discovered MacUpdate Desktop, but I have definitely grown addicted to the service and its on-line community.

For $20 per year, one can subscribe to this award winning service, and receive a daily email about new software programs under categories like Business, MultiMedia and Design, Education, Home and Personal, Internet, Utilities, Games and iPhone. With the help of Software Development UK the whole experience can be secure and easy

As a school newspaper adviser, I find myself looking at the MultiMedia and Design categories the most, and if not purchasing for my program, at least using the information to understand what programs are available and at what price, for example.  Many of the programs are free.

Often, programs are available for trial, and I have a chance to sample them before committing to purchasing.  Also, the reviews on the site often give me the essential tip regarding whether the application is really worth an investment.

Another benefit of subscribing to MacUpdate is that the service alerts members to updates of software currently on the computer being used (for me, it’s my home laptop), and a simple click of a button downloads and installs updates for me.  I no longer have to do any of the messy work myself.  It’s not absolutely necessary for savvy Mac users, but it is nice, and definitely worth $20 per year.

This service makes me a better journalism adviser.

For any advisers who like being on top of their game, I recommend MacUpdate Desktop for the sheer joy of being in the know.  It’s a nice sampling of what’s going on out there for Mac applications.

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