Cyberbullying and teaching digital media awareness

Student digital publications are facing grave and valid concerns from administrators and parents about the new wild world of the internet. To go online brings up growing concerns of cyberbullying and civility.

Educating students on how to use the internet responsibly are professors like Dr. Patchin from the Cyber Bullying Research center who also teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

He travels around the country to present a PowerPoint on how easy it can be to protect students and not be a jerk.

Student reactions included, “Cyberbullying really is wrong! I am totally changing all my setting to private. Don’t be mean. Don’t be a moron! I need to develop my internet reputation!”

To protect students online Patchin encourages students to set their Facebook to private and not friend anyone who they don’t know. He also stresses being responsible about your behavior and to not let anyone take your photo whom you don’t trust.

Below are links to a video from the presentation and an assortment of resources on their Web site.

Cyberbullying Research Center Resources