Student Web Editor Talks About the First Few Months of Their New Site screenshot

Working with has been a fun and exciting adventure for me. Starting up was painfully difficult, and learning the site was confusing and took lots of time. I started with a site already played with by the adviser, and had to learn the ropes. There are several pounds of manuals in my newspaper binder.

Knowing computer programming is a must or at least knowing someone who can work the code is. I don’t understand those little funky sentences, but luckily we had a professional who did. He worked out the kinks in the site, and helped us get running. Also having someone who can do a bunch of magic tricks on the computer is nice, someone who can make images, or set things up leaves me more time to play a more editor role.

I also learned that having time management is key. Stories need to go up, but they also need to be timely.  On top of that, stories need to go in groups. Like an art gallery, or music playlist, the different pieces need to be able to mesh together into a cohesive collage. Some stories don’t go well together, and should be posted on a later date, while others fit so perfectly well that they wouldn’t be good without each other.

Now all that’s left is to continue to fill the Web site with colorful works of art. I don’t know if I’ll ever get through the list of e-mails coming to me filled with potential story ideas. Not to mention the endless photos of current events flowing in.

The author Kevin Midleton is Web editor of from Borah High School in Boise, Idaho.