Envato Market fills in free WordPress plugin gap

In a perfect world, an online news site will have a webmaster each year who is fluent in every programming language and can take the kid’s ideas and build the storytelling tools they need to tell the best story.
But since we are living in the real world, that is not always the reality. And while WordPress offers a slew of free plugins, sometimes your staff may still not be able to find that “perfect” plugin that does exactly what they thought of in their head when they imagined their final product.
Enter the Envato Market.
This is a marketplace for web developers to sell everything from galleries, to contact forms, to themes, to online graphics. In short, it’s a one-stop shop for all the parts and pieces your kids may have been searching for at hours at a time, but never found for our favorite price point: free.
This is a great resource for when your kids feel they have reached the end of their journey – mostly at the end of their journey because there is a cost for each plugin. At the start of each year, I give the kids an allowance for the site and then they have to make smart decisions for what they can get for free or what they absolutely need to “outsource.”

Matthew LaPorte

Matthew LaPorte is starting his 9th year advising the Southwest Shadow Online News Site and The Howl Yearbook at Southwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. He serves as the JEA NV State Director and the Co-President of the Southern Nevada Society of Journalists. He was recognized in 2015 as a JEA Rising Star. Check him out on Twitter @educatelaporte and Instagram @matthew.laporte.

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