[Presentation] Tips for Advising Multiple Publications

Ever feel like you’re all alone on your adviser island with no one who understands your plight?  Does every day seem like a good excuse for happy hour? Having a hard time managing one staff, let alone three publications? Have no fear, this Prezi is here!

Originally presented at the Southern California JEA AdviserFest, and updated and presented a second time at the 2014 Spring National High School Journalism Convention in San Diego, California, I wanted to help advisers find the bliss and joy that I’ve found advising multiple publications.

Within this Prezi are tips and tricks for staying sane while advising (be it one or multiple publications). My processes are forever updating and changing, so stay tuned for the D.C. convention where I will be presenting this once again!

Have anything you’d like to add? Have more questions? Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below!

Gaby Herbst

Gaby Herbst advises print/web newspaper (Pacemaker and All-American) and yearbook at Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, California. She previously advised yearbook and newspaper at South Gate High School in South Gate, California, where she also taught English.

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