Going Online: A Guide to Start a WordPress Website

A Quickstep Guide to Moving Online


Are you thinking about setting up a WordPress website?

Well, if you are then the following guide will serve as a good reference to get things going.  Once on the viewer there is also a print icon that will let you print out a hard copy.

Most of the great tips I owe to advisers like Aaron Manfull, Ann Visser, Timm Pilcher, and Paul Kandell who taught me along the way.  We are so lucky to work in a profession that is so willing to help colleagues.

Below is the guide.  It contains the basic steps of how to get things going and works in great combination with the much more in-depth posts, links, and how-tos on JEADIGITALMEDIA.ORG’s guide to starting a website.  Click here to go to the amazing resources.

If you are doubting whether it is worth it or not I do want to say besides digital media being the future it has been the best educational experience I have ever had with students.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at…




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