5 Takeaways From the ONA Conference by Poynter’s Tenore

If you’re a regular user of JEADigitalMedia.org and a leader in your school newspaper’s online efforts, take heart. The news from the Online News Association conference makes your career prospects look enticing.

Poynter’s Mallary Jean Tenore covered the gathering, described as “the conference where journalism doesn’t know it’s supposed to be dead.” She brought home these five takeaways:

  • It’s time to move beyond the “Is this journalism?” debate
  • Jobs are changing, titles reflect innovation, community engagement
  • Investigative journalism is finding its place online
  • Journalists debate whether they can be good entrepreneurs
  • It’s important to experiment — and fail

The event the last few days of October included a job fair and yes, people were hiring. Tenore’s story is worth reading and will give you insight and inspiration into what will be your future, either as a news consumer or journalist.

Wendy Wallace

I run the High School Journalism Program at The Poynter Institute, a journalism school for students and professionals in St. Petersburg, Fla. I'm a member of the JEA Digital Media committee, which hosts this site.

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